Thursday Sun ramblings πŸŒ·

The sun is tricking me today. It is a blue sky and lovely sunshine outside, but it is cold. I know it is winter, I know it is only february, but I really want it to be spring. I want flowers, and that lovely pale green the leafs get when they start growing.

Emrys likes his place at the window at least. Watching for birds seems fun, maybe I will try it.

I am trying to feel more positive, but it is hard work. I feel like a failure with my life, I have no job, and I really do not think I will get one. My anxiety always comes in the way with it, and I am struggling to see what I could bring to a work place. I do not really feel at home with people that I do not know. From My experience I say or do something that they would think weird and it gets awkward.

But I do have other things in my life that are wonderful. My daughter, my husband, My lovely cats.

My husband knows that I really like tulips, but I really do not like cut flowers, I think they die so fast that I can not enjoy them. So he bought me curtains with tulips on them, two sets. One with white background and one with black. And then a bouquet with artificial tulips for me.

The best part, I do not have to throw them out after a week.

Because I showed a picture of one of my cats, the other one must be shown also. So here she is, Selina, in all her glory.

Yes, she is named after Catwoman.

I have been playing a little to much Sims 4 these days, and it is hard work. One of my sims went to university, it is so stressful. Not a game you play to relax. I am thinking my sim is going to drop out, marry a robot and adopt some kids. The other one will not marry, she is together with Straud. I can not stop pushing a sim together with him, it happends every time. He is a great father by the way, the kids get ugly, but he is a really loving father. But this time I plan to have them together until she gets old and die, and Straud will get so sad that he commits suicide by standing in the sun. The sun will trick him to, like it tricks me.

What I really wish for right know is the way to make my daughter be able to go to school. She has missed so much now, and I do not know what to do. She has no trouble with schoolwork, she is often ahead of them. But she has to go to school. I hope it will get better after her holiday.

Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey”
/ Doctor Who

A Diary of sorts

I am new at this, but I thought I would give it a try. It is overwhelming to say the least with all these choices for a design for a blog. I only want to make myself a little blog, that perhaps will interest some people.

I like the qoute, so I am keeping it.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

β€” Oscar Wilde.


About Catbear

I am a swedish woman, that tragically is not a bear in real life. I do have a lot of free time, that I hope to find a way to fill. I do not work, because of my mental health. You could say it is a little, bad. I am also autistic, I was diagnosed with asperger when I was an adult. I have been masking my whole life, and it takes it toll.

I see this blog like a way to connect with other people that have some of the same experiences, with mental health and asperger. I am also a mother to a daughter, that is also diagnosed with asperger. It has it challenges for both of us, and I would like to write about it.

I was thinking a little about what I wanted with this blog, I think I have some idea about why I write, and also why I choose to write in english.

  • I want more people to read it and connect with more people
  • I want to practice writing in english
  • I want to practice writing overall
  • I want to tell about living with mental health problems
  • I want to tell about living with autism
  • I want to show pictures of my cats