I think I should do a proper presentation also. Bear with me, this is how is supposed to be, is it not?

What can I say. I am a swedish woman, named Anciol. I live in Uppsala, with my husband, daughter and two cats. I am diagnosed with asperger, and was that as an adult. It explained a lot, but I still have my mental problems that do not go away becuase I finally understood why I felt different to other people. I grew up with my mother, that was not really that good of a mother to me. I do not think she was a good mother or a good person over all. I never knew when she would get angry with me, or for what. One day I did not vacuum, one day I did not peel the potatoes. She never told me that she expected me to do that, but got angry when I did not do it. I always where really nervous when I knew she should be home soon, what have I not done today that she wanted me to do, but never told me?

I also got a lot of lies. I have a troubled relationship with all my family, some I just do not like, but some, like my father, I have thought my whole life that he did not want me. Because that was what my mother told me, when I was little she told me that he wanted her to have an abortion. This was not true I got told by my father as an adult, he and my mother where trying to have a baby. He was really happy when she got pregnant and I was born.

I realised that what she did was not alright, after I had my daughter. I would never do or say those stuff that my mother did too her. But I also feel like, it was not so bad, other people have had it worse.

But anywhy, some of my bagage there, so perhaps this blog can be more understandable.

I will give you more presentation here:

  1. I love to read, I really love horror, fantasy and science fiction the best I think.
  2. I love to play sims, I can spend hours in that game. I want to learn how to build houses.
  3. I like to cook, mostly. I have trouble coming up with ideas now.
  4. I like playing World of Warcraft-
  5. I am an introvert.

Because of my mental health problems I do not work. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and very low self esteem. That is something I feel bad about, my not be able to work. I would love to bring in some money to our family, but I do not seem to be able to do that. I have no idea what I should do.

But now, I am doin like Selina and go hide under the bed. Bye