Bear House!

I finished another house in Sims, it did not taken long because it was quite simple. Red house with white corners.

But then I asked my daughter what I should do next, and she joked that I should do a Bear house. I really like bears a lot, and she knows it. But I love the idea, I could make it look like a cave, and my sim would have a bear suit on all the time. And she will perhaps be a secret agent.

BTW, if anyone wants to download my houses in Sims I am called Ingemo, and I have uploaded the three houses I built in the gallery.

And tomorrow I start build a Bear House!


I got done with another house today, and I love it. This was my second try on a house in sims, and I think I have pretty good. I built it for a partying couple that makes videos and have a photography studio in their house. It even got a guest room and training room. It got expensive, but I thought that, I do not care, my sims deserves to live a life if luxuary. I uploaded to the gallery, lets see if someone downloads it. I think I will wait a little now to start building a new house, I was thinking a older kind of house, the kind where the chimney goes in the middle of the house to warm up all the rooms.

I think this will be my new special interest, because you know, autism. I can say that I do feel less anxiety when I am building those houses. I guess that is good.


Yesterday we did the so fun job of going to buy a new seat for the toilet. Our seats break constantly, it says on them that they will last for years, but no. I wonder what it is that is wrong, that makes everything brakes all the time. I will not put up a picture of the toilet seat, I hope that most people know how they look.

Oh, and we got roped in the lottery, postkodskotteriet, where you can win stuff and money based on where you live. We are now adults, I think.

The washing machine is melting

Yes, that is correct. I realised today that our washing mashine was melting. It was not really bad, it is on the side, but yet. Apparently my daughter has used a face wipe, and then put it on the washing machine. That melts plastic, and has melted.

I am not really happy about it. I do not think it impacts with the washing, but it is not good. I feel so stressful about it, but what can I do? I can not turn back time and make my daughter throw it away now. I know that she is this way, she puts stuff everywhere, and forgets about it. We are constantly picking up after her. Next week she has a school holiday, and I know I will have to go clean after her. I know that it is because of both her age and her asperger, but it gets really hard anywhy. I know that I also have trouble picking up stuff, my husband is the one that suffers this the most.

But what can you do to help both myself and my daughter with this. We are trying to get help, but it goes slowly.

I have built a house all by myself!

In sims that is. But I am proud of it anywhy. I often download houses from the gallery, and I have been watching some people on Youtube speedbuild houses with stop motion. This time I decided to build my own house. I do realise that perhaps starting with tiny building was not the best option, but I think I did it.

I have no pictures of the inside, if I am thinking about putting it up in the gallery so that other people can use it. I have my very small family with a mother, a robot and a daughter. I cheated a little and used play with genetics to get a daughter out of them, but I think it went fine. I obviously named the robot Optimus Prime, and I have to remember that he should not use the pool. Pools are bad for robots.

Valentines day and anxiety

I know that Valentines day is something many people celebrate. I do not really do that, I feel that you should show that you love your partner all year round. I am not really big on any holidays, I think it is hard work and it never goes like you want to. They are often a very stressful times, and with my anxiety levels I do not believe I need them higher. I do feel anxiety every day, even with medication. I have no idea what I should do about it at this point. I buy books about asperger and anxiety, about how to be less stressful, have less anxiety and it sounds great. But I do not read them, I can not get myself to read them. I read a bit, I try for a bit, and then I just, stop.

I really wish there where something that I can do to make myself feel better.

Oh, and the big one tried to eat the other cats vomit. I did not feel that was okay. And he is not getting any kisses from me either.

Thursday Sun ramblings πŸŒ·

The sun is tricking me today. It is a blue sky and lovely sunshine outside, but it is cold. I know it is winter, I know it is only february, but I really want it to be spring. I want flowers, and that lovely pale green the leafs get when they start growing.

Emrys likes his place at the window at least. Watching for birds seems fun, maybe I will try it.

I am trying to feel more positive, but it is hard work. I feel like a failure with my life, I have no job, and I really do not think I will get one. My anxiety always comes in the way with it, and I am struggling to see what I could bring to a work place. I do not really feel at home with people that I do not know. From My experience I say or do something that they would think weird and it gets awkward.

But I do have other things in my life that are wonderful. My daughter, my husband, My lovely cats.

My husband knows that I really like tulips, but I really do not like cut flowers, I think they die so fast that I can not enjoy them. So he bought me curtains with tulips on them, two sets. One with white background and one with black. And then a bouquet with artificial tulips for me.

The best part, I do not have to throw them out after a week.

Because I showed a picture of one of my cats, the other one must be shown also. So here she is, Selina, in all her glory.

Yes, she is named after Catwoman.

I have been playing a little to much Sims 4 these days, and it is hard work. One of my sims went to university, it is so stressful. Not a game you play to relax. I am thinking my sim is going to drop out, marry a robot and adopt some kids. The other one will not marry, she is together with Straud. I can not stop pushing a sim together with him, it happends every time. He is a great father by the way, the kids get ugly, but he is a really loving father. But this time I plan to have them together until she gets old and die, and Straud will get so sad that he commits suicide by standing in the sun. The sun will trick him to, like it tricks me.

What I really wish for right know is the way to make my daughter be able to go to school. She has missed so much now, and I do not know what to do. She has no trouble with schoolwork, she is often ahead of them. But she has to go to school. I hope it will get better after her holiday.

Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey”
/ Doctor Who