About Catbear

I am a swedish woman, that tragically is not a bear in real life. I do have a lot of free time, that I hope to find a way to fill. I do not work, because of my mental health. You could say it is a little, bad. I am also autistic, I was diagnosed with asperger when I was an adult. I have been masking my whole life, and it takes it toll.

I see this blog like a way to connect with other people that have some of the same experiences, with mental health and asperger. I am also a mother to a daughter, that is also diagnosed with asperger. It has it challenges for both of us, and I would like to write about it.

I was thinking a little about what I wanted with this blog, I think I have some idea about why I write, and also why I choose to write in english.

  • I want more people to read it and connect with more people
  • I want to practice writing in english
  • I want to practice writing overall
  • I want to tell about living with mental health problems
  • I want to tell about living with autism
  • I want to show pictures of my cats