I thought my cat would die….

So, I have not been at all good at writing a blog. I am sorry for that, I get this way, I through myself in to stuff and then I forget them for a while. That is one of my troubles with my autism and add.

Anyway, my cat. I really thought my cat where going to die. Last thursday he where not himself, he was really tired, I could hardly get any response from him. He seemed dizzy, and had trouble standing on his right legs. So off to the veterinarian he went. 5000 swedish krona later, and the result was in. There was nothing wrong with him, the bloodtest where perfect. We took him home, he was tired the rest of the day but now he is like himself again. I told my husband that Emrys is a secret agent, and he was due to drop off information to another cat at the veterinarian. That sounds about right, but next time I hope he can do a skype call or something.

But I am really happy that he is fine, he reminded me of my first cat, his kidneys stopped working and they could not get them to start again. He was an older cat, but we thought we did have more time with him.


So, off I go building another house in sims. It has been a while since I did that. I dowloaded a lot of mods and cc, and now my sims are wearing victorian clothes and I love it. I wish I had a nightgown like that, a white, long cotton nightgown, but that seems really hard to get. I have looked.


My daughter got up and made pancakes for breakfast. I woke up right when they where done. She went to school also, they are not closed here. Not yet, I do not know if they will.


So now I am home alone, and it is glorious!

Quarantine, and burning down the microwave oven.

Well, I did some quarantine. I have not been sick, I had a cold, no Corona here. Me and my daughter has been at home with colds, and it has been a little bit of a challenge. My daughter wants to go to school, and I think she can go tomorrow. She is bored, but she has done her homework, and she has been out walking the cat. Yes, the cat. Apparently he went under a porch and did not want to leave.

She has also told me she wants an sibling. It is just because she has been forced to stay at home, but she does not really understands that is not really possible. She gave the suggestions that we should adopt a child. She will have to be satisified with the cats as siblings. They can be annoying as smaller siblings can, so why not.

It is good for him that he is sweet and stuff. Both our cats are sweet, and lovely. Seilna likes to lie beside me when I am reading, it gets a little how, but cat, who can say no to cat.

Little cats

I also managed to set fire to the microwave oven. I was heating up my wheat pillow, and it caught on fire. The microwave was toast, and the wheat pillow also. We have a new microwave oven, but no new wheat pillow. It was no fun at all.

So I have been reading, playing sims and feeling stressed. I have not been up to writing anything for a long time. I will try to write more, I like writing a blog, for some reason. It is destressing.

Well, I hope everyone is safe, and have enough toiletpaper. Think one day we will remember this time as not the time of a pandemic, but the time the toiletpaper where no where to be found.

The day before I become 40!

These lovely kitties wanted to say hi. One atleast the other ignores you.


I have started making smoothies with vegetables. One carrot, peas and the rest bananas and pineapple. My husband tasted, and said it was an improvement to yeasterdays. I did have cauliflower in that one, perhaps not the the idea. I want to fond more ideas for smoothies with vegetables, I realised that I can “eat” more of it then. Where do I find that?

I think my trouble with eating vegetables comes from my asperger. Sensory difficulties. Same with drinking water, I hate that.

So, can I get smoothie recipes with vegetables?

Autistic Nerdmother


I did it, I pre-purchased the next expansion in World of Warcraft. I will try playing tomorrow, of my husband can help me with my computer. Apperantly the grafic card was not up to date.

The Unwilling

I read this book today, I just flew through it. I actually started reading it because I had to Read something, and there it was. I loved it, I think you can guess that. This is the kind of book I love, and I want more like it.

The Long Lankin

“Childrens Book”

This was Said to be a childrens book, but I felt, okay, I will read it. It plats out during the second world war in Britain, two childrens are sent out to their aunt in the country that they never meet. But well, childrens should not be at that place. It is the creepiest, most horrifying book I have ever read. Perhaps some of it comes with the authors really good ability to describe the surroundings. I can see the house in my mind.

Emrys with a new toy

And of course, a picture of one of the kittys. Because I know everyone loves cats.

This is a good way for me to talk about my interests. Perhaps someone ser my recommendations and try them, books or series.

What would you want to know?

I am autistic, and it is how I am. It can be hard explaining to other people, who are not autistic. If anyone reads this, and have questions, feel free to ask about it. I will not take offence, and I only kill people in sims.

I built a bear cave in sims 4

I did it, I built a bear cave. I tried to make it look a little good, and it it of course of grid. So she have books and music to entertain herself. She has also a dog that looks kind of a bear. And she wears only a bear costume, all the time. I think it will be fun playing with this one, I can pretend I am a bear also.

If someone wants to download these, if you want to be a bear to, my name in sims gallery is Ingemo. Come on, I know you want to Bear It!

Special interests

I know I get a little fixated with stuff. I have some things I am really into, and it can also go in waves. I do like to read, and I read a lot. I usually do not give up on a book, even if I think it is quite bad, I want to know how it ends.

But right know I am very into sims, I like playing, I like building. I do wish I had an more creative interest, like sewing or painting, but I can not seem to do that. I am clumsy, I drop stuff, go into things, and it also affects that. It is so hard to do these things for me, my hands does not want to do what I want them do do. Clumsy there to. I know people say, you just have to practice, but I do not think it is. Perhaps that is why I like building in sims, it feels like I finally can do something that is a little creative.

If I can do that, perhaps I can do something with my life in my future. I feel like I am drifitng along, not contributing at all.


The thing is, when I think about finishing school, getting a job, I feel panic.Then I have to meet other people, and I have to talk to them. I feel it is really hard doing that, becuase it is hard trying to interpret what they are saying. It is not just words, it is body language and it feels most people do not speak clearly. I was talking to the people here that handles autistic people, and they signed me up for social interaction training. I really do not feel that would help me, but that is the help you can get. It feels like I get sent to more training in masking, and that is not what I want at all. I want to learn not to mask as much, I feel like my masking is bad for my mental health. It is stressful, it is exhausting. Whenever I have been out I feel like I have to go to bed and sleep for a week. I wish I could learn not to mask, and that people would accept me anyway.

One another note, we discovered today that Emrys, our big georgeous cat, is a little afraid of socks. We were sorting socks on the bed, he came up and when he saw the socks he jumped high. He was very sucpicious about these socks. I do not think I have met a cat that was afraid of socks before


I got done with another house today, and I love it. This was my second try on a house in sims, and I think I have pretty good. I built it for a partying couple that makes videos and have a photography studio in their house. It even got a guest room and training room. It got expensive, but I thought that, I do not care, my sims deserves to live a life if luxuary. I uploaded to the gallery, lets see if someone downloads it. I think I will wait a little now to start building a new house, I was thinking a older kind of house, the kind where the chimney goes in the middle of the house to warm up all the rooms.

I think this will be my new special interest, because you know, autism. I can say that I do feel less anxiety when I am building those houses. I guess that is good.


Yesterday we did the so fun job of going to buy a new seat for the toilet. Our seats break constantly, it says on them that they will last for years, but no. I wonder what it is that is wrong, that makes everything brakes all the time. I will not put up a picture of the toilet seat, I hope that most people know how they look.

Oh, and we got roped in the lottery, postkodskotteriet, where you can win stuff and money based on where you live. We are now adults, I think.

Thursday Sun ramblings πŸŒ·

The sun is tricking me today. It is a blue sky and lovely sunshine outside, but it is cold. I know it is winter, I know it is only february, but I really want it to be spring. I want flowers, and that lovely pale green the leafs get when they start growing.

Emrys likes his place at the window at least. Watching for birds seems fun, maybe I will try it.

I am trying to feel more positive, but it is hard work. I feel like a failure with my life, I have no job, and I really do not think I will get one. My anxiety always comes in the way with it, and I am struggling to see what I could bring to a work place. I do not really feel at home with people that I do not know. From My experience I say or do something that they would think weird and it gets awkward.

But I do have other things in my life that are wonderful. My daughter, my husband, My lovely cats.

My husband knows that I really like tulips, but I really do not like cut flowers, I think they die so fast that I can not enjoy them. So he bought me curtains with tulips on them, two sets. One with white background and one with black. And then a bouquet with artificial tulips for me.

The best part, I do not have to throw them out after a week.

Because I showed a picture of one of my cats, the other one must be shown also. So here she is, Selina, in all her glory.

Yes, she is named after Catwoman.

I have been playing a little to much Sims 4 these days, and it is hard work. One of my sims went to university, it is so stressful. Not a game you play to relax. I am thinking my sim is going to drop out, marry a robot and adopt some kids. The other one will not marry, she is together with Straud. I can not stop pushing a sim together with him, it happends every time. He is a great father by the way, the kids get ugly, but he is a really loving father. But this time I plan to have them together until she gets old and die, and Straud will get so sad that he commits suicide by standing in the sun. The sun will trick him to, like it tricks me.

What I really wish for right know is the way to make my daughter be able to go to school. She has missed so much now, and I do not know what to do. She has no trouble with schoolwork, she is often ahead of them. But she has to go to school. I hope it will get better after her holiday.

Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey”
/ Doctor Who

A Diary of sorts

I am new at this, but I thought I would give it a try. It is overwhelming to say the least with all these choices for a design for a blog. I only want to make myself a little blog, that perhaps will interest some people.

I like the qoute, so I am keeping it.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

β€” Oscar Wilde.