I did it, I built a bear cave. I tried to make it look a little good, and it it of course of grid. So she have books and music to entertain herself. She has also a dog that looks kind of a bear. And she wears only a bear costume, all the time. I think it will be fun playing with this one, I can pretend I am a bear also.

If someone wants to download these, if you want to be a bear to, my name in sims gallery is Ingemo. Come on, I know you want to Bear It!

Special interests

I know I get a little fixated with stuff. I have some things I am really into, and it can also go in waves. I do like to read, and I read a lot. I usually do not give up on a book, even if I think it is quite bad, I want to know how it ends.

But right know I am very into sims, I like playing, I like building. I do wish I had an more creative interest, like sewing or painting, but I can not seem to do that. I am clumsy, I drop stuff, go into things, and it also affects that. It is so hard to do these things for me, my hands does not want to do what I want them do do. Clumsy there to. I know people say, you just have to practice, but I do not think it is. Perhaps that is why I like building in sims, it feels like I finally can do something that is a little creative.

If I can do that, perhaps I can do something with my life in my future. I feel like I am drifitng along, not contributing at all.


The thing is, when I think about finishing school, getting a job, I feel panic.Then I have to meet other people, and I have to talk to them. I feel it is really hard doing that, becuase it is hard trying to interpret what they are saying. It is not just words, it is body language and it feels most people do not speak clearly. I was talking to the people here that handles autistic people, and they signed me up for social interaction training. I really do not feel that would help me, but that is the help you can get. It feels like I get sent to more training in masking, and that is not what I want at all. I want to learn not to mask as much, I feel like my masking is bad for my mental health. It is stressful, it is exhausting. Whenever I have been out I feel like I have to go to bed and sleep for a week. I wish I could learn not to mask, and that people would accept me anyway.

One another note, we discovered today that Emrys, our big georgeous cat, is a little afraid of socks. We were sorting socks on the bed, he came up and when he saw the socks he jumped high. He was very sucpicious about these socks. I do not think I have met a cat that was afraid of socks before

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