I got done with another house today, and I love it. This was my second try on a house in sims, and I think I have pretty good. I built it for a partying couple that makes videos and have a photography studio in their house. It even got a guest room and training room. It got expensive, but I thought that, I do not care, my sims deserves to live a life if luxuary. I uploaded to the gallery, lets see if someone downloads it. I think I will wait a little now to start building a new house, I was thinking a older kind of house, the kind where the chimney goes in the middle of the house to warm up all the rooms.

I think this will be my new special interest, because you know, autism. I can say that I do feel less anxiety when I am building those houses. I guess that is good.


Yesterday we did the so fun job of going to buy a new seat for the toilet. Our seats break constantly, it says on them that they will last for years, but no. I wonder what it is that is wrong, that makes everything brakes all the time. I will not put up a picture of the toilet seat, I hope that most people know how they look.

Oh, and we got roped in the lottery, postkodskotteriet, where you can win stuff and money based on where you live. We are now adults, I think.

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